Core competencies

Simonyan Consulting Inc.’s services are based on experience of backed by expertise and commitment to deliver stellar results. Numerous projects were completed by us including but not limited to the environmental and social due diligence, planning, management, monitoring and impact assessment for various development projects funded by international donor organizations and related to planning and (re)construction of infrastructure with an overall aim to contribute to the economic growth and sustainable development. Our track record includes multiple donor-funded international sovereign and private sector projects in water, transport, energy, agriculture, education, housing, waste management and other sectors. 

We also have substantial experience in industry/government liaison, co-operative planning and research. At Simonyan Consulting Inc. we are committed to providing our clients with world-class professional solutions to their environmental and social challenges. It is this commitment to providing world-class solutions that has led us to form close alliances with various specialized consultants located around the globe to be engaged as and when required to enable the company to address all technical aspects professionally. 


Our services currently offered include: 

  • Project Management 
  • Environmental and Social  Due Diligence and Scoping
  • Environmental and Social Site Assessment
  • Environmental and Social Risk Assessment
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Environmental and Social Management System Development and Implementation 
  • Environmental and Social Management Plans
  • Environmental and Social Monitoring
  • Environmental and Social Auditing
  • Resettlement Planning and Implementation (frameworks and plans)
  • Livelihood Restoration Planning and Implementation
  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning and Implementation
  • Gender Assessment, Gender Action Planning
  • Social surveys and census for resettlement and livelihood restoration planning
  • Grievance Redress Mechanism Establishment and Implementation Support
  • Environmental and Social Training (including gender, resettlement, health and safety)
  • Review the client’s documentation and ensure adhere to national legislation, international treaties and policies/standards of International Financial Institutions